The space tour

Swirling black holes and shooting stars
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars
Satellite signals beamed all around
ending up back here on the ground

Its thousands of miles away from us
you cannot get there by catching a bus!
A rocket you'll need to go that far
but it'll cost a little bit more, than a car

Asteroid belts and the Milky Way
Zero gravity so you'll float away
Astronauts, comets and UFO's
Space is a place you'd all like to go

"Mum I want to go to space too"

"Okay but only on these conditions"

Stay on the map my mum said

she never lets me go far

stay in the galaxy

and don't try searching for the biggest star.

Don't go NEAR a black hole

I want you to stay in shape

not stretched out like a sausage

and as thin as a piece of tape.

So why didn't I take any notice?

why was I sure that mum was wrong?

if I'd on done what mum had said