decision by parker falvey

choosing beetween 2 items


I have $60 from Christmas, and I want to buy a video game. The two games that I am interested in are Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Gran Turismo 5, but because video games can be expensive, I can only choose one game. I live within walking distance of Game Stop so I can easily walk there and buy with my cash. I can also just go online and buy a game from Ebay or any other online store.


I have thought a lot about my choices and I decided to make a list of alternatives. What I can do with my money:

1. Save my money and wait until I can get both games or use it to by something else

2. I can shop online for used games to save money

3. I can buy new or used at Game Stop

Since I am not really a big saver and I love video games, Option 1 probably won’t work for me. Option 2 won’t work because you still have to pay for shipping so it may end up being more expensive. It may also not work if I buy it used online and then I would have to return it. Option 3 will work because it’s nearby, you don’t have to pay any extra costs except tax and you get it right away.


pros and cons

To help me with my decision on what to buy I decided to make a list of pros and cons for each game.

Call of Duty:

· Pros

o Many of my friends play it

o It is a very good online game

o I like shooting games

o It has good graphics

· Cons

o Its rated ‘’m’’ for mature and my mom isn’t a fan of that

o It is expensive new or used

o I can’t play at dad’s house because he doesn’t have an Xbox 360

Gran Turismo:

· Pros

o It is very inexpensive

o It has good graphics

o I love cars so it goes along with the type of game I like

o It is rated “E” for everyone

· Cons

o It is for PS3 only

o Not many of my friends play it

o It doesn’t have much online play


In the end I ended up choosing to buy Gran Turismo because its price will allow me to save up my money so I can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 later, and because it has good graphics. I also love the cars in it.


I think I made the right choice because it is a fun game to play and because I can play it with my dad who also loves cars.