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December 2014 - Staff edition

Christmas Trivia

Are you in need of some games for family time during the holidays? Or maybe you would like to have a fun daily Christmas trivia question on the board in your classroom? Here are a couple of websites that may help.



Techie Gift Ideas

Here is a great website that offers popular eBooks that are heavily discounted (free - $2.99). If you are getting someone a new device, you can add some free eBooks as an extra bonus! Or maybe you would just like some books for yourself to read over Christmas Break. You need to become a member of the site, but that is free as well. They will send you deals based on your preferences. Contact me if you have any questions. I am a member of the site and have downloaded free books to my Nook. It's a sweet deal!


Holiday DVDs

If you are interested in watching some holiday movies, check these out from our library collection.

A Christmas Carol

Old Ebenezer Scrooge, the meanest miser in London, is visited one Christmas eve by three spirits who change his life forever. Patrick Stewart stars as Scrooge in this brilliant presentation of Charles Dickens' holiday classic the most heartwarming, compelling and powerful adaptation ever filmed. 94 min. Not rated.

Christmas in Canaan

An unlikely friendship blossoms between two ten-year-old boys from different backgrounds during the racially charged backdrop of rural Texas, 1964. Through the years into manhood, prevailing attitudes and the growing civil rights movement severely test their friendship. In the end, they will discover that despite people's differences, it's the memories you make that determine your happiness and peace in life. 90 min. Not rated.

Little House on the Prairie Christmas

Christmas at Plum Creek (from season 1): The Ingalls family works to make their first Christmas in Plum Creek memorable. Laura sells her prized horse, to purchase a stove for Ma, but her sacrifice is made bittersweet when she opens her gift from Pa. 50 min. Not rated.

A Christmas They Never Forgot (from season 8): A snowstorm traps the Ingalls family including Mary and Laura's husbands inside the little house on Christmas Eve. Stories are exchanged about their favorite Christmases of the past. 50 min. Not rated.

Rock and a Heart Place

Each year from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, nearly 400 New Jersey musicians and volunteers spread Christmas cheer. Their audience is the poor - poor in health, wallet, and spirit. Weeks after 9/11, Holiday Express launches its most ambitious season. 73 min. Not Rated.


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It's a Trivia Contest!!!

The first staff member to come into the library (sorry, no emails) to tell me the answers to the following three book-related trivia questions will receive a book out of the "Giveaway Box of Awesome-ness" and a bag of chocolates to help you get through finals week.
Who wrote the poem, "The Cultivation of Christmas Trees"?
In which author's novel is it "always winter but never Christmas"?
In Truman Capote's short story, A Christmas Memory, what identical gift was given to the bootlegger, the bus driver, the knife grinder, two Baptist missionaries in Borneo, and the President of the United States?


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