Flying High In Style

March Wrapup!

Hello :)

Hello ladies!! Well here we are on tax day :( I hope you are enjoying seeing some of the "new" that is coming for summer but that you are still celebrating what we have for spring!! The duffles are here and everyone is loving getting them and trust me make sure you are letting everyone know they are here only for a bit more cause when they miss them they are hard to wait for another year to get them! Well onto the numbers.....


I am going to be very honest... I struggle... I would love to help you more and this survey is an effort to streamline that "help" ! This will help me to know you and to help you get what you need and help you succeed! I also sent this as an email so please take once :)


New Catalog means lots of "stuff" going on!! Please be checking TOT for all the updates!!
  • New catalog on May 1 ~ Watch TOT as things go discontinued out of the spring catalog!
  • Conference! Many of you have earned part or all of it for "FREE"... check out your conference stars and please consider going!!
  • Thirty One is putting more trainings, opportunities and great things out there for us.... take advantage of all of it!!
  • CONTACT ME... I am here as well as any leader on our team... we are here to help you so please talk to us we want to see you succeed!!

Meet and Greet!

Question of the month?

If I offered trainings how often would you like to see them?
How would you like me to offer them?
  • Conference call
  • Individually
  • Facebook
What topic would you like to see trainings for?
Just send me a quick note about this!!


I am so honored to have each of you on my team and love seeing this journey and each of you reach your goals and destinations along the way! I appreciate you and would love to help each of you attain those goals!! Bring on Summer, finish this month strong and enjoy the new looks in May!
Kristen Smith