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Tison Tribe Newsletter January 6, 2019

Happy New Year!

Whoo hoo one semester down, one more to go! As you begin to plan and create lessons for this semester I hope to provide you resources to target small group instruction, make data-driven decisions, focus on feedback, engage, and personalize learning for students. This addition of the instructional insight will dump a few resources you can use as you plan Monday.

High Yeild Strategies

There are many strategies out there to engage learners and promote deeper thinking. First, Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent on Twitter) shared this amazing resource on Twitter the other day. K20 Learn has curated a list of learning strategies and made some awesome filter to search by length, group size, and so on. Bookmark this page for a one-stop shop to engaging strategies.

Second, Jennifer Gonzalez, an educational consultant/writer/educator/podcaster the list goes on, interviewed, podcasted, and wrote about what she says is the most beneficial learning strategy out there - retrieval practices. The blog and the podcast are definitely worth your time.

Lastly, Lead4Ward is a great resource for high yield strategies both their list and playlist provide strategies you can use in your classroom today.

Retrieval Practice

Jennifer Gonzlaez interviews researcher Pooja Agarwal on the importance of learning and the most powerful learning strategy you probably are not using.

Data Driven Instruction

Data Driven Instruction

We have many data points from our first semester to use to drive instruction for students and build small groups. Data not only provides us as educators input as to where our students are in their progressions towards mastery of standards but also provides students with feedback on their learning.

If you are not already, this first week would be a great time to set up data folders or data spreadsheets with your students. Analyzing data with students will increase student success by motivating students to level up. If you need help creating anything let me know.

Below I will provide an example data sheet in Google Sheets, although I highly encourage you to have students create hard copy data folders. There is something about writing your data, reflections, and goals while coloring a bar graph that fires neurons off more than digitally entering numbers.

Sample Sheet

Using the graphing features in Google sheets students can visualize progress on assessments.

Using Google Sheets Explorer to analyze data

Upload your excel sheets to Google Drive and dowload them as Google Sheets to use the explore tool.

I'm not crying, you are

I saw this video over the break and it brought me to tear. It made me think of how we have worked so hard to build relationships with students here at Tison. Many of you already are the Mr. Jensen for your students. It is often hard to see the positive in the student who continuously is tapping, fidgeting, talking, the list goes on, but I wonder what would happen if we consciously tried to find the positive and build on our relationships with students. This video is worth the watch.

Learning Strategies