App Store and APPS

Apple ID with your RSS Email

The Apple ID you use with your teacher laptop can be used with your iPad.

We would like for you to keep your personal Apple ID and your professional Apple ID separate as we move forward with 1:1.

If you do not have an Apple ID with your RSS email, please follow these directions to create one. It will come in handy for more things than just your iPad.

Adding your Apple ID to your Teacher iPad

You may add your professional Apple ID to your teacher iPad to allow you to download apps onto your iPad. You may not add your teacher Apple ID to student devices.

To add the Apple ID to your Teacher iPad, follow these directions:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap iTunes & App Store in the left sidebar.
  • Tap the current Apple ID (kesipad1) and then click Signout.
  • Then, enter your Apple ID username (email) and your password and sign in.

Searching for Apps

Searching for the right app can be a challenge. We suggest you search online for apps appropriate for your classroom. Here are a few sites that are good places to start.

Find an app that you would like to download on your Teacher iPad. Then, open the App Store on your iPad, search for the app you want to download. Tap Free and then Install. Enter your Apple ID Password and let it download.

Once you have downloaded your app, to earn the App Store app fill out this form.

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