Spurs Land Mix Economy

The best Economy is the one with no Policy


The Benefits of my economic system is that the government will barely be involved in anything, so if you come to my country you can start your own company and you wouldn't have to worry about the government doing anything.
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The Facts

1. In this economic system, the government will barely be doing anything in it and there will be some characteristics of capitalism and socialism.

2. The person in charge of any kind of company is you, but the government will help you make some decisions so you can meet your social goals. The people paid get minimum wage and then go higher from there.

3. They buy their supplies from their own supplier and they sell by either selling online or from a store.

Mixed Economy
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Critics say that "One Disadvantage of mixed economy is that they tend to lean more toward government control and less toward individual freedom." But, in fact, the government only comes in when it helps you choose a better way to get your social goals.
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My economic system in this country is the best because you basically get to decide what you want to do with your company and the government wont be butting in a lot unless you need them to help you also, they have welfare for the poor and social security for the aged and infirm. The slogan my country goes by is "The best Economy is the one with no Policy."