YES Inc. Clean Desk Policy

At the conclusion of the work day, employees are expected to straighten their desks and put away any office-related paperwork. Papers should be filed in the appropriate cabinet or filing drawer.

YES Inc. Policies

· Please tidy your desk before you leave for the day.

· Please vacuum/sweep your work area daily

· Please empty your Trash Can Daily

· Conduct an entire Office Clean-up Friday of each week.

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Benefits of a Clean Desk

This policy may be viewed as an extra, However, The mindset of many of these individuals is that their messy desk doesn't affect anyone but them, but studies show that people with a messy desk waste 15 percent of their time looking for things.

1. It creates the right image when customers and vendors visit your company

2. It reduces the chance of confidential information being compromised or lost.

3. Employee stress is lessened when an employee's desk is clean.

4. The occurrence of workplace accidents and spills drops when a policy supporting clean desks is enforced.

5. People who keep a tidy desk are often considered for a raise because of their organizational skills

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YES Inc. Policy allows all employees two 15 minute breaks during each work day. Each break should be taken approximately half way through a 4 hour work period. Breaks are not cumulative and employees cannot save them to use at the end of the day.

While some employees may not want to take a break from their work, YES Inc. Administration wants to ensure that all team member takes the breaks.

All employees must take at least a 1hour lunch break after approximately 5 hours of work.

NOTE: Although an employee may prefer to stay at their desk and handle some personal business, it is best for employees to leave their work areas during a work break. Individuals tend to do personal business or make personal phone calls at their desk and other employees or individuals visiting the work area do not perceive the person is on a break. Instead a perception is created that employees do personal tasks during work time.