All About Me

By: Esra Sivri

I love to play soccer.

I play for travel team in Valley A.A. I have a soccer match every weekend. Also I have practice twice a week, so I can get ready for my soccer match. I scored three goals so far. I really enjoy doing teamwork when I have soccer matches.

I love writing poems and writing about human feelings.

I spend a lot of time writing because i can get rid of stress. I always have a feeling that I understand how humans feel during situations, so I write them down in a story version. After I write my poems I try to match it up with a human feeling.

I spend a lot of time on homework.

I love movies with "SCARY" moments!

Movies that have scary moments interest me because I things happen out of no where. Also I like the scary moments because it gives me an idea what the story will be based on. Lastly, scary moments are sometimes a little to scary, but I think every movie should have a time like that.

I love reading books!

Reading books is a time where I can think out loud and I feel more better. Also reading books clears my mind about all of the things that bother me. Finally, reading books is addicting because some books have very interesting and unusual stories.