East Edition

September 19, 2016

Mandatory Staff Meeting, Monday, Sept 19 - All Staff

Our next staff meeting will be next Monday, Sept 26 and be only for certified staff members. We will have two in October and then go to one per month after that.

Constitution Awareness Day/Week

Per state law, we are required as a school to help students become aware of the importance of the US Constitution. We will do this at East this year by having a daily morning, child friendly announcement with brief information about the US Constitution

Swimming Reminders

Karen put swimming permission slips in your boxes that went home in Wednesday folders. Be sure to get those to her on a daily basis so that she can be ready to go in October. If you need extra permission slips, please let her know. She will keep track of all that turn them in and those that we are still waiting for.

Tasks To Complete This Week of Sept 19th

  1. Sign Up for a 60 minute shift at McTeacher's Night on Wednesday, Sept 21st. Fun and easy way for our school to raise funds AND to connect with kids off campus. Sing up at this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YWSo_IUuKwUzRhOUZ1PIHsg5Stsrq8G1wOR88OC0is8/edit#gid=1338240009
  2. Watch and sign off on the MAPS training videos prior to testing your students this week in Reading (See note in this weeks East Edition again).
  3. Complete the Child Abuse and Neglect video training by Sept. 30th.

Child Abuse & Neglect - Mandated Reporter Training

All staff members must view the video training located at this website. When complete you should be prompted to print a certificate of completion. Make a copy and turn into Sarah's box. Deadline for completion of this task is Sept 30th.

Here is the link: http://www.coloradocwts.com/mandated-reporter-training

When you get there click on the button: "Mandatory Reporter Training for Educators"

MAPS Training Videos

Below are the training videos all classroom teachers (proctors) will need to view and sign off on prior to conducting/proctoring MAPS testing. There is approximately 20 minutes of videos that needs to be completed. Sign off on the Google Doc when completed. We will begin MAPS testing on the following schedule. All testing will be conducted during computer lab times.

  • Week of Sept 19th: Reading
  • Week of Sept 25: Math
  • Week of Oct 3: Language
  • Week of Oct 10: Science - 5th Grade Only

Here is the link for viewing videos. Use your NWEA/MAPS log in password and username for access to this link: https://teach.mapnwea.org/assist/help_map/Content/AboutMAP/VideoBrowse/VideoTutorials.htm


  • MAP Intro - 3 mins
  • Testing Overview Video - 2 mins
  • Testing Demonstration Video - 4 mins
  • Set Up Testing Video - 2 mins
  • Interrupt and Continue Testing Video - 4 mins
  • Proctor Practice Video - interactive video (time depends upon your length ofuse of the video)

Here is the Google Doc for signing off when completed: http://goo.gl/1YNAs7

Light Shades

Please take a look and let me know how many additional light shades you need in your room and what color is required to finish your room. If you want shades on all your lights, I can do that. We may just need to add some non-florescent lighting with lamps to meet the "footcandle" requirements. Footcandles are the most common unit of measure used by lighting professionals to calculate light levels. Below is a link to an article that supports this move to shade our florescent lighting in classrooms. A lot of recent brain research is discovering how this affects our kids with ADD, ADHD, sensory issues and other needs for students. This is an easy way to help those students. It is not the absolute magic to rid students of their challenges, but one more variable to help. I've received a ton of positive comments about how the shading makes them feel when in rooms that have most or all of the lights shaded. The words "calm", "relaxed" and "soothing" are words I've heard fro both adults and children. Send me your needs for finishing this project via email so we can place this order.

Happening This Week (Sept 19th - 23rd)

MAP Testing for Reading needs to be completed by all 1st - 5th graders this week.

Probes and Diagnostic Testing for kids scoring in well below/significant range on Benchmark by Lauren and Tiffany.

Reading intervention and Special Education in full swing this week.

Monday, Sept 12
  • CoPlanning with Instructional Coach & Principal during PE/Music or Life Skills/Library Time.
  • Staff Meeting @ 3:40 pm in Lisa Campbell's 5th Grade Room
  • DPPEC Meeting at 4:00 pm - Admin Building

Tuesday, Sept 13

Art E Day

  • Health Screening during Pe/Music this week for all students
  • Girls on the Run - 3:30 pm
  • RTI Problem Solving Team Meeting - Getting Organized - 3:40 pm
  • PAC Meeting for parents 5:30 pm in the LIbrary

Wednesday, Sept 14

Art F Day

  • Elementary Principal Collab Meeting 8:30 am @ Admin Building
  • McTeacher's Night Fundraiser 4:00 - 7:00 pm at McDonalds
  • Benefits Committee Meeting - 6:00 pm at Admin Building

Thursday, Sept 15
  • Girls on the Run - 3:30 pm
  • Board of Education Meeting (4:00 pm work session; 6:30 pm regular session)

Friday, Sept 16

  • Friday Collab/Early Release - All certified staff leave at 2:15 pm.

McTeacher's Night - Easy Fundraiser - Fun For Kids

This fundraiser has snuck up (is that really a word?) on me and I apologize for the short notice. We did put it in our previous East Edition as an event coming up, but I didn't do much regarding explanation.

Each year, the owners of McDonalds provide the opportunity for us to raise funds by working and serving customers at McDonald's Restaurant. 50% of all sales between 4:00 - 7:00 pm will be given to the school Last year we raised over $1000 in the 3 hours we worked. it is a fun and easy fundraiser that will add money to the PAC fund. Parent have identified that the priority of PAC funds are currently designated to help with additional learning materials needed for teachers and classrooms, field trips and school sets of iPads. The students love seeing their teachers behind the counter. The class with the highest percentage of students come to the restaurant will get an ice cream sundae party and one extra recess. Please sign up at the following link for a 60 minute shift. It is lots of fun. https://goo.gl/OxQkeL