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Spring Newsletter


Some New Features of Digital Dining 7.4.3

  1. Signature Capture on iPads!
  2. Management Text & Email Alerts!
  3. Streamlined and User Friendly Payment Screen!
  4. Easier Access to Register Options!
  5. EMV Ready!

Call us for an upgrade! 888.773.4742


EMV...It's Coming...

EMV's liability shift occurs October 1, 2015. Will you be ready?

Click here to read a little about it. Pages 8-11 should sum it up for you, but I included the whole PDF for any over-achievers : )

Digital Dining Version 7.4.3 is EMV ready! We plan to let you know about the EMV readers as information on the hardware becomes available.


Don't Lose ALL Of Your Data! Get Managed Off-Site Backup!

"Why would I spend money backing up my data to the cloud when I already have it on my computers?"

Ever hear of a Crypto Virus? It can encrypt all of the files on a restaurant database leaving us with no effective way to decrypt the files and results in a loss of all records. The solution? Back up your data to a secure location outside of the business.

Where did it come from?

If you are browsing the internet, checking email, social media, downloading anything on your Backoffice Server computer, or any of your POS stations, you risk opening Pandora's Box! Prevent the problem before it starts!

Get Web Protection and Off-Site Data Backup to the Cloud! It's $19.99/month...What is your data worth?


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing...

The wolf...confident and sure, it sneaks in and before you know it, you're missing sheep...

OK...Maybe not sheep, but... you may be losing product, incidentals, or CASH!

Even with good employees, you may have one go rogue from time to time. Protect yourself by locking down all open doors in your security. Click here to read an article on some ways to protect your business from theft.

If you would like us to install security cameras that integrate with Digital Dining, give us a call at 888-773-4742!


Extra! Extra! Get Your Paper Here!

Time To "SPRING" For Some New Terminals?

Posiflex Seeding Success

Call Us At 888.773.4742 To Order Yours Now!


Fun Facts About Daylight Savings Time!

Click here to read about the development of Daylight Savings time which dates back to Ancient Civilizations!

Happy Spring!