Team 103 Super Heroes

Finding the Power Within!

Upcoming Super Hero Training Schedule

What's ahead:

Monday, January 11 Juggling Club

Student Council

Tuesday, January 12 Sterling Morton Spelling Bee 1:15

Sterling Morton night at Five Guys

Marco's Pizza Night

Wednesday, January 13 Group photos/ Candids

Friday, January 15 Officer Phil assembly 10:30

Sterling Morton Family Bowling night

Monday, January 18 No School - MLK, Jr. Day

This Week we're learning:

Writing Workshop - This week we continue our work on opinion writing and essays. We will be focusing on various ways to extend our thinking and add to our essays.

Literacy - Our reading groups have all started new books and we are focusing on non-fiction reading strategies. Everyone took the STAR test for third quarter and new personal AR goals have been set. Please sign and return your child's goal sheet this week.

Mathematics - We are making great progress with finding equivalent fractions and changing improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa. This week we will start adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Practice those multiplication facts every night for 5-10 minutes. Mighty Multipliers has resumed!

Social Studies- The European explorers have entered the Ohio Country and we are meeting the various historical Indian tribes of Ohio. We are learning how the geographical features of Ohio left behind by the glacier during the last Ice Age influenced how the Indians lived.

You are your child's first and greatest teacher!

Home Hero Connection

Math - Multiplication facts are critical as we work on fractions and finding common denominators. Keep practicing!

Reading - Let's make our personal AR goal this quarter! Many of the students did not make their goal last quarter. Nightly reading practice is critical to our improvement as readers. We will be focusing on independent reading strategies this quarter as we work to improve our comprehension scores.



Winter Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 from 4:00-7:00. Your child will be bringing home a form regarding these conferences in their Monday envelope today. Please sign and return the form even if I have not requested a conference with you. Please know that you are most welcome to request a conference even if I have indicated that I do not see a need.

Talking Art Museum - Tuesday, February 23 - Always a highlight of fourth grade! All parents are invited to come in that afternoon to see our masterpieces and learn about many famous artists. You won't want to miss it!