Social Media Pros and Cons

By: Sarah, Kate and Amy


Social Media is a whole different world that connects us. By using it we can connect, research, and listen to news all with the click of an app. The network that is Social Media is something that keeps our modern world running. However, with Social Media, like anything, there are pro's and con's.

Pros and Cons


  • Spreads information quickly
information can spread to everyone, everywhere in seconds
  • Can share what you are doing
if a cute or funny photo you post it online to show your family and friends what you are up to. You can also post updates on your life using apps
  • Business marketing and advertisement
If you have a business and want to advertise you can post a ad online and millions of people can see it and hopefully want to buy your product or look into using your business for future needs.
  • Can keep you in touch with friends and family
If you have friends or family anywhere in the world you can keep in contact easily thanks to social media


  • Cyber bullying
Because of the easy access to the many public profiles and information, its easy for people to post mean things, anonymously, and causing pain to the other user without consequence.
  • information is there forever once its up
once you post something online anyone can find it even after it has been deleted
  • Identity Theft
It is easy for under age people to create false identities and to create false Id. Also it is easy for crooks to steal personal information or your identity. This includes your PIN number or any bank info, it all depends how hard they search for it and how good they are at tech codes.
  • False Information
Information can be put onto the internet that is false and can be put up thinking it is right or it can be put up for the pleasure of having someone receive the wrong info

  • Personal Information can be stolen and shared
people can steal your information and share it to everyone everywhere. Your phone number,address, and other information can be put onto the internet for everyone to have.
  • Bad images
Bad images such as minors drinking, people doing drugs and sexual images can be taken and posted and these can be seen by young children and people who you are applying a job interview for.
  • Get too dependent social media
People can get to dependent on social media and believe everything they hear and see on the internet
  • Face to Face interaction vs. Online Communication
People are get too addicted to their phones and other devices, on social media and begin to only text, snap chat, etc, instead of interacting with people face to face.
  • wastes time and can get addicting
You can spend hours on end sending pictures, texting, updating, and doing nothing productive. Social Media begins to get addicting, and many people check their devices continuously to see if they have any notifications.