Harv's Happenings

Week of September 22-26

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude” - John C. Maxwell

Life Principle of the Week

COURTESY- the showing of politeness in one's attitude

"Politeness costs nothing and gains everything" -Lady Mary Montague

The Weeks in Review

In the past few weeks we have been busy understanding the scientific process and examining of the world around us. We looked at the things we do every day, and we tried to place those items into our Scientific Method. We learned that we routinely use the scientific method everyday, whether or not we know it or not! Ask your learners about some of the great examples we came up with for our everyday uses of the scientific method!

We did a few inquiry studies that led us to think about our evidence that supports our thinking. We dropped paper onto targets and discussed WHY we chose the designs we did, and then on Friday we had a design challenge using only newspaper tubes! They had to build a table that could support a book! Ask your learners about our week of design!

In Social Studies, we have finished learning about the geography of Texas and all the things that makes our state so unique: weather, location, size, climate, landform, water, and more!

On Deck: Science & Social Studies

We will begin this week looking at the flow of energy within our world and ecosystems!

In Social Studies, our learners will begin their study of the various regions of Texas!

Supplies Needed

If you have any leftover newspapers that your household would traditionally throw out or recycle, please send it with your learner. With all the newspaper we used on Friday's design challenge we are running low!

Orange Tuesday

I was encouraged by seeing so many orange shirts, shorts, and socks on Tuesday! Thank you to all those who are participating! Everyone looks great! If you have not heard about the wave of color sweeping the elementary school, please encourage your student to wear ORANGE on Tuesdays for no other reason than it's a great color!


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