Vikings 101!

The Viking Raids

From 790CE to 1000CE vikings became famous for their swift and brutal raids throughout England, Ireland and Europe.

When did the Vikings raids start and finish?

The Viking raids began in 790CE and ended around 1000CE. The Vikings went to Europe, Britain and Ireland.

Who did the Vikings attack and why?

The Vikings only lived in a very small part of the world because they didn’t have that much land. It was also very cold and hard to grow crops. The Vikings decided to overtake and steal all the goods from all over Europe, Ireland and England, for them to have more land that belonged to them and to become more powerful and richer.

What did the Vikings Steal?

From the eighth century onwards, the Vikings travelled very far. They traded with many nations, but they also raided from many towns and monasteries, stealing goods and treasures. Like jewels and gold especially silver goods.

Where did the Vikings Raid?

The Vikings raided Britain's coasts, Ireland, North Spain, West France, and around the Baltic Sea. They usually raided monestaries and churches, where most of the money was.