Music Therapy

How does it help our memory?

Research on how music affects the brain

Psychologist have been studying patients that have had surgeries removing either side of the brain leading them to have multiple problems for memory. Certain melodies can bring back the long forgotten memories and psychologist do not know why this phenomenon happen. You involuntarily encode music inside the brain.

Patients with epileptic seizures went into surgery to remove the side of the brain that wasn't working like its suppose too so the cut the brain in half while cutting memory tubes. So the scientist/ psychologist go and study them, and how they don't have their memory anymore so they played music and the only played the melody of songs foe a few months then within time the patient started to recall the lyrics of the songs and got some of their memory back. WIlson & sailing are the ones who dressed this topic with research and science.

What made me choose this

I chose this because I personally find this an interesting on how it can bring back certain memories. Music has always been interesting to me because it can change emotion, set the mood, help you focus, and even bring back memories.

People who did the work

Guaranteed emotion and memory boost!