IOS Apps For K-12 Students

mLearning tools for IOS users

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Mobl21 is a mobile app which allow students to create mini lessons and download them into their mobile devices as notes or flashcards.

With this app student can engage in mobile learning by reviewing their notes on the go.

Click the link below to download the Mobl21 app!

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Notability is a note taking app that allow students to import existing pdf documents and edit them on the go. On an iPad, Notability allow students to choose between writing on pdf documents or simply typing through a keyboard. Students can also add images onto the any existing documents and record the lecture while taking notes. This app can sync all documents in the account through several ways (Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox)

Notability contributes to mLearning by giving student the option of accessing their notes on their iPad basically anywhere and the documents can be synced to a cloud system, so student won't ever lose their notes.

Click link below to download the Notability app!

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This app can provide student with additional chemistry support. It has a variety of features allowing students to make their own flash cards, access simple explanations to different chemistry concepts (eg. balancing reactions, identifying reaction equilibrium, and understanding addition, dissociation, double-replacement, and oxidation-reduction reactions), and it also provides practice tests for student to gauge their own understanding while studying.
Students can manage and share their improvement in the app’s Tests Taken feature, which allows the user to easily send test scores to teachers and tutors. This app can provide a review of the student’s performance, breaking down by concept area which questions the user answered successfully and which can be improved upon.

As a pre-service chemistry teacher, I think this app would be a good mLearning tool for my future students to have access to.

Click the following link to download the High School Chemistry: Practice Tests and Flashcards app

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Kindle is an app that allow students to access variety of texts for free on their mobile devices.

Student can read texts that is supported by Kindle on their device wherever they are.

Click on the link below to download the Kindle app!

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Google Drive allow students to access their files from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. With Google Drive, students can access any documents that they have saved on the drive anywhere. This app also allow students to view files offline.

Click on the link below to download the Google Drive app!