Journey Into Space

Springville Library Invites you to journey into Space

Journey into Space with author Roger Reid and Solar Scientist Mitzi Adams

The multi-talented Roger Reid has served as a writer, director, and producer for the award-winning “Discovering Alabama” television series, a program of The University of Alabama’s Alabama Museum of Natural History in cooperation with Alabama Public Television. Mr. Reid combined this day job with a prolific career as a young adult novelist. His first novel, Longleaf (NewSouth Books 2005), was selected by the Alabama Center for the Book to represent the state at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. This success was followed by publication of Space (2009), and Time (2013). Mr. Reid’s books follow the adventures of teenage protagonist Jason Caldwell and feature an intriguing combination of scientific fact and exciting storyline. It's a winning marriage of content that has won fans for the books among middle-schoolers, librarians, and educators.

Mitzi Adams is a solar scientist for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), where she studies the magnetic field of the Sun and how it affects the upper layers of the solar atmosphere. Ms. Adams' research interests also extend to coronal jets and flare prediction, using data from the Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). These studies help scientists understand the processes that lead to larger eruptions that can cause space weather. Understanding space weather and predicting geomagnetic storms is important for the protection of humans and technological assets in space, as well as the power grid on Earth. Mitzi has presented multiple astronomy programs in the planetarium of the Von Braun Astronomical Society.

Journey Into Space

Tuesday, May 19th, 9am

This is an online event.

Watch Journey Into Space with Roger Reid and Mitzi Adams:

This online author visit was created by Roger Reid as a virtual field trip for Springville Middle School students who were unable to attend a live presentation scheduled to be held at the Springville Public Library. Springville Public Library is presenting this author visit and astronomy presentation for sixth graders who had the opportunity to read and enjoy the novel, Space, and space lovers of all ages.

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