Cirque Du Freak

By: Matt Betz

The theme is Friendship


This book is about Darren Shan the vampires assistant. He goes on a trip with Mr. Crepsley and Erva the snake boy. They find out that corpses had there blood drained. Darren and Erva think it is Mr. Crepsley. So after they follow him in to a building and they followed him in there. Mr. Crepsley starts following a fat man and Darren gets a wrong impression and attacks Mr. Crepsley and cuts his arm with a knife. A vampanze, a human killer, appears and trys to attack Mr. Crepsley and Darren. While Erva is hiding the vampanze jumps out a broken window and gets Erva and takes him to his lair. The vampanze hangs Erva upside down and forces him to tell the vampanze where Darren and Mr. Crepsley are staying. When Darren and Debbie are walking home the vampanze kept saying Darren. Darren was wondering who was saying his name so he looked all around then he looks down and saw the vampanze. The vampanze said he would make a deal with him, if Darren told him where they were staying so he could kill Mr. Crepsley, he would give him Erva back. Darren says ''no'' and leaves. However he did tell Mr. Crepsley what happend. Darren went to Debbie's house for Christmas Eve, and brought them a bottle of wine. When he was going to open it he put one of Mr. Crepsley's potions. They all drank it exept for Darren and it made them uncontious for a while. Darren and Mr. Crepsley went looking for him in he sewers. Mr. Crepsley said that they were going to take a breath for a while, but Darren didn't listen and he kept going without Mr. Crepsley. While crawling for a while Darren feels a hit on his back and he falls down, looks up and see's the vampanze. The vampnze then knocks Darren out. Next thing he knows he's hung upside down like Erva. So Darren says he would give the vampanze Debbie if he let him and Erva go. The vampanze says yes. So they're going to Debbie's house and they go in and the vampanze says he could smell her blood. So they go in and the vampanze does his thing before they kill the people, he takes off her blanket getting ready to kill her and its a goat sitting there; Mr. Crepsley jumps out and kills the vampanze. After, they clean up all the blood, they go to the attic to get Debbie and her family to put them back in their rooms before they wake up.


The conflict is, there is a vampanze on the loose. Mr. Creapsley are trying to find it and kill him. When they find him Darren messes Mr. Creapsley up and the vampanze gets away. After a while os searching for it Darren and Mr. Creapsley are looking through the sewer. When Darren gets captured him and Mr. Creapsley trick the vampanze into killing Darren's girlfriend Debbie. Mr. Creapsley ends up killing the vampanze instead of the vampanze killing Debbie.

Darren Shan Biography

Darren Shan's real name is Darren O’Shaughnessy. Although he is Irish, he was born on July 2, 1972, in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, directly across the river from the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, which is probably why he likes vampires. He lived in South East London. He started school at the early age of three (he was such a wild child, no pre-school facility would take him!) At the age of six, he moved to Limerick in Ireland, with his parents and younger brother, and has lived there ever since.
Cirque Du Freak: Tunnels of Blood. By Darren Shan
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