Sunny Somalia

By Hannah Irvin


Somalia is located on the horn of Africa, and is also bordered by Ethiopia and Kenya. It is also near the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Its exact location is 10º North 49º East


Somalia has a very dry and arid climate.☀ It is mostly covered in desert and beaches, its average climate is between 75 to 88°F. Somalia has two rainy seasons, the first is from the beginning of April to the end of July. The second is from October to the end of November. The vegetation grows most during the first rainy season. Because most of the vegetation grows at one part of the year, this affects many of the people that live there. One way this affects them is because there is not lot of food in the dry seasons. Many of the people have to find an alternative to find food. Many of the Somali people have started pirating to make an income. Pirating is when a group of people hijack large cargo ships and sell the cargo and the crew for ransom. Other people chose to farm all through the year and sell their crops for what they can.


Somalia has a federal government. In Somalia instead of a prime minister or president, they have chiefs (called Warlords) that are all fighting for the control over the government. Many of these Warlords have been in a civil war with each other for a very long time. Some of these warlords have been at war with each other for centuries.

Natural Resources

Somalia's natural resources include uranium, iron, copper, salt and natural gas.

Much of Somalia's natural resources are not being extracted because of the on going civil war between the Warlords ( See Government Section) and their tribes. Because many of these resources are not being extracted, this leads to many people not having jobs. The unemployment rate is 74% for adult women and 61% for adult men.


Due to Somalia's constant fighting no real economy has been established, but there are signs of a traditional economy. As of 2010 the population in Somalia was 10 million people. Out of these 10 million people, only 24% can read and write! The GDP is 917 million and the GDP per capita is $145.06

Cultural Characteristics

The two main languages that Somalis speak is Arabic and Somali. Almost all Somalis are Sunni Muslims. This means that most Somalis practice Islam as their main religion. Somalis have a rich musical heritage centered on traditional Somali folklore. Due to the Somali people's passionate love for poetry, Somalia has often been referred to as a "Nation of Poets". Much of Somalia's art work is pottery and wood carvings.

Environmental Issues

Somalia is suffering from many environmental issues. One of the most important issues is that Somalia does not get enough rain water per year. The lack of rain causes droughts, and the droughts cause grasses and crops to stop growing. This causes the animals to starve, and so on. The other main problem is that what little water they have, is all polluted. Since most of Somali's water is polluted, this causes many people to get sick and sometimes even die.
Somalia's geography and ecology
Mogadishu is the capital