Navy Seal Dogs

Who They Are and What They Do

Choosing The Dogs

Only the best dogs are fit to be Navy Seals. Much like their handlers, these dogs need to be top of the line in order to make the cut. The dogs used are Dutch shepherds or or Belgian Malinois. These dogs have the intensity and drive to be the perfection that the Seals need.The dogs they need can't quit,and need to be very energetic. Most of the Malinois are brought over from England because England has a long history of breeding and training them. However, some of them are trained on our soil.
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Training the Dogs

It takes time and effort to train Navy Seal dogs. The dogs get trained by rewards, if they do something right, they get a reward. Not if they do something wrong they will be punished. The punishing method will only lead to distrust and won't lead to the best that a dog can be.Once they have a handler and have finished their basic training, a dog will have to go through steps of training. The first step is detection training. The dogs will be trained to detect any explosives or other people near them so they can find them when deployed. The next step is bite training. The dogs will have to bite the people they find but also respond to let go on command. Of course, more training is necessary for example swimming, and others. These dogs do lots of training before deployed so they can be the best, and keep the Seals safe.

Deploying The Dogs

Dogs go into deployment where they are needed the most. This is a lot of the times in the middle east. Dogs serve with their handlers for a few years. They detect bombs, weapons or other people. These dogs are an enormous help to the Seals. On numerous occasions, the dogs have saved lives. Once a dog has maxed out his use, it will retire and be relieved of its position. From there, a dog will either be adopted or stay at the SOF place as a retired dog. Navy seal dogs are extremely important to the military and to the many lives that that they save daily.