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October 5, 2020

Week of Respect

The week of October 5-9, 2020 is the Week of Respect. This year, ALL JEFFERSON SCHOOLS, from Preschool to High School, will come together to join in these themes displaying respect. Please send pictures (school-appropriate, please!) of yourself wearing your spirit attire celebrating respect, to Ms. Martino, so that we can post them on the JTMS website. Have a great – and respectful – week!

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A Message from Ms. Martino Student Assistance Counselor /Anti-Bullying Specialist

I recently had the opportunity to view a webinar titled “Resilience: Getting Through Stressful Times” provided by the NJ State Bar Foundation. Given our current circumstances, I thought this would definitely be something to share.

Resilience means being able to bounce back from difficult times and grow from our challenges. Part of it is our genetics, part of it is our life experiences. If we have ever needed to be resilient, now is certainly the time. So, what skills do we need to help ourselves, or help our children, to become more resilient?

  • Become more self-aware – of our thoughts, our reactions to things, how our body reacts, our emotions, our strengths

  • Learn to self-regulate – look at things from different points of view, focus on problem-solving skills to help feel less frustrated / what we can control vs. what we can’t control, set goals

  • Control impulses – Don’t act on impulses but rather stop, think and then decide and choose a reaction that will make the situation better

  • Empathy – Understanding how others are feeling helps create positive relationships which, in turn, helps us to be more resilient

  • Optimism – believing that problems can be handled

  • Self-Efficacy – knowing our strengths and believing that we can handle challenges

  • Connect/Don’t isolate – Connecting with others helps us to be more resilient. Children who connect with one or more adults become more resilient in life.

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Resilience Helps Us Deal with Mental Health Challenges

This week, we recognize both Mental Illness Awareness Week and National Depression Screening Day. It's important to know that many people, young and old, struggle with mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder, just to name a few. At times, talking about the subject might feel uncomfortable, and people might joke about "being crazy" or "I'm so OCD." These mental health issues are not jokes, though, and people who struggle with them every day might be offended by what someone else says about the topic. It's good to become aware of what our friends and family might be struggling with, so that we can understand and feel empathy for them. If you or a family member are struggling with an emotional or mental health issue, your counselors are here for you. We can share strategies, resources or a listening ear. One of the most helpful strategies is to increase resilience.

Building our RESILIENCE will help us throughout our lives, with whatever kinds of struggles we face, whether they are mental health issues or not. Take some time this week to focus on how you can become STRONGER and MORE RESILIENT in the face of adversity.

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JTMS Counseling Staff

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