7th Grade Panther Press

January 29th Newsletter

Reading News

We have moved mountains the past two weeks in class! Figurative language has been our main focus and also completing our Literature Circle books and jobs. If your child brings a sticky-note to class on Monday, February 1, with the correct figurative language used in my update, they will receive 5 points to add to a minor grade! Hint: there are two!

We have one remaining week to read our current books and then a unique, 3-dimensional presentation will be the final group project. Each group must bring one empty cereal box by Thursday, February 4, in order to complete the project.

I am beyond proud of my students for making a dent in our Reading Resolutions. As of Thursday, January 27, we have read 63 of our 1,074 books. That's 5.87%! Please encourage your child to read any spare moment to ensure we meet our goal by the end of the school year.

In place of our 3rd Quarter Reading Test, we will be taking a reading benchmark. I will use this information to guide my teaching plans up until our STAAR Reading Test on May 10. Please encourage your child to come to before and/ or after-school tutoring to receive extra help on assignments or any questions they may have. We really do have the BEST students in 7th grade, and I have no doubt they are going to do great!

Scholastic Book Club

We have many students who have been purchasing books through Scholastic Reading Club, and I have been stocking our classroom library as well. If any are interested in ordering online, please click the button and it will take you to their website.

ELA News

Happy Friday!

We kicked off our four-week writing "boot camp" this week! This design is intended to focus on expository writing as well as break the essay writing process down into bite size pieces. Every Tuesday we will introduce a new topic and focus on composing a hook and a thesis statement. Wednesdays are dedicated to writing the body of the essay. Thursdays will allow students time, in class, to write their conclusion. On Mondays, the final draft of the previous week's essay will be due.

My hope is to create time in class to complete each section in order to decrease the amount of homework. This will also allow me the time to assist your child throughout the writing process. This week we are wrapping up "Conspiracy Theories". This topic really captured their attention and sparked lots of imagination!

Accountability is going to be crucial to their success. Seventh grade is a battle ground for the maturity process. They seem to be grappling between being a child and a teenager...and it is SO hard. Each one of them are so incredibly bright! I see glimpses of greatness and cannot wait until their full potential comes to fruition.

Thank you for allowing to me to a part of your village!

Amanda Schroeder

P.S. Ask them about the Bouncy Bands;-)

Texas History News

Students in both Land's and Brogdon's 7th grade Social Studies are working on a PBL (project based learning) assignment. They are working in groups to create any two of the follow five projects: American Revolution Newspaper, American Revolution Battlefield Memorial, American Revolution Model, American Assassin's Creed, or American revolutio Trading card game. As you can Maddie Murley and Charlotte Thomas are hard at work. Charlotte Thomas is going old school using books for research.
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Math News

In 7th grade math, we are currently studying equations and inequalities. During this unit, the process is the most important part of answering these questions. Students should be showing every step in the solving process and checking answers. This process will continue to build as students continue into upper level math in the future. Our Equations and Inequalities Test is scheduled for Friday, February 5th. Every Thursday night's homework is to complete Weekly Skills and any unfinished Study Island assignments. Students may choose to complete these prior to Thursday night, but they must be complete by class time on Fridays. Students need to plan ahead by taking advantage of our homework lab which is open every morning and afternoon if he/she does not have computer access at home.

7th Grade Mathematics/ Honors

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Science News

7th grade Science explored adaptations in species that would increase the species chances of survival and be able to pass on traits to future offspring.

Students were given "beaks" and to 'migrate' around the room to find the 'island' that contained the resources necessary for it to survive and be able to pass on its traits.

This week students are exploring forces and energy transformation that takes place in organisms. They are creating a Visual Vocabulary slide presentation by finding an image that represents each force and energy transformation and writing an explanations of each.
VAMS Redo/ Retake Policy

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