Titanic Survivor (Lady Duff-Gordon)

By: Liz

Lady Duff-Gordon Personal Information

Lucy Christiana or well know as Lady Duff-Gordon was a survivor on the Titanic. She was born June 13th, 1863 and was 48 when she boarded the Titanic. She was a famous dress designer. Lady Duff-Gordon traveled with Miss Laura Mabel Francatell another Titanic survivor, and her husband Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon who also survived the Titanic .

Titanic And It's Accommodations

The Titanic was called a floating palace, because it was so much bigger than other ship they had to build a bigger dock. It took twenty-two tons of soap, train oil, and grease to slid the Titanic into the water. The Titanic was 882 feet long with nine decks and was as high as a eleven story building. The Titanic weighed a total of thirty-two tons. They thought it was unsinkable, because it had 16 compartments in the bottom and 4 could fill for it to stay afloat but no more than that. Lady Duff-Gordon was in the first class and paid $4,350 to get aboard the Titanic. The first class had many accommodations on the Titanic such as: soft mattress, large bed, thick carpets, carved wooden panels on the walls, and a marble sink.

Disaster And Rescue

At about 11:30 p.m. on April 14 there had been 7 reports of ice from other ships. A lookout saw the iceberg ahead they rang the warning bell and telephoned the bridge. And tried to put her in reverse , but it wasn't enough instead of hiting the the iceburg straight on they grazed it. It made a 300-foot gash in it's hull. The Titanic had 16 compartments, but only four could fill for it to not sink, the water just kept over flowing and it fill more than four compartments by now. The Titanic sent out warnings, they weren't enough the Titainc sank in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Lady Duff-Gordon and her husband were rescued in lifeboat 1 which carried only 12 people despite having a capacity of 40. The Carpathia rescued them and brought them to New York.

Life After The Titanic

Lady Duff-Gordon lived in London London England. She was Dressmaker / Couturi�re and made a liveing off of that. Lady Duff-Gordon died April 20th, 1935 because of Pneumonia, she was buried in Brookwood Cemetery in London London England.