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Comet info

The solid nucleus or core of a comet consists mostly of ice and dust with the ice as it gets closer to the sun it turns into gas

How they form

Comets are some of the substances left over from the formation of planets. Mostly made of rocks ,ice ,and gas

How comets orbit vs planetary orbit

Comets far away from the earth

This is how a comet looks like far from earth , nasa has a satellite called the comet chaser that takes most pictures of comets from deep space

Why comets have tails

As the comet gets closer to the sun the solid ice starts to heat up and turns in to gas and follows the comet, a comet looks like a big orb of ice and rock far from earth , nasa has a satellite called the comet chaser that takes most pictures of comets from deep space

Comet C/2001 Q4

This image of comet c/2001 Q4 was taken on kitt peak national observatory in Arizona in 2004
This comet was taken by NASA and they most common device they would use is a powerful telescope
The topic of the video is how we can see a comet in the sky from the Oort Cloud and it's presented by science at nasa. One fact in the video is that most comets come from the Oort Cloud. NASA also says that the comet in this video can be seen by the naked eye, so you won't need a telescope. The Oort Cloud was named by astronomer jan Oort that said most comets come from this "cloud" and nasa looks for most comets from there.


Asteroids are known as "minor planets." They are made up of much of the same materials our planets have, but much smaller and they come from the asteroid belt.


A meteor is the flash of light we see in the night sky when a small chunk of debris burns up as it passes through our atmosphere that's why we have meteor showers and not meteoroid or asteroid shower.

If any part of a meteoroid survives the fall through the atmosphere and lands on Earth, it is called a meteorite

Asteroids are generally large chunks of rock that come from the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Near earth asteroids

Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) are asteroid is when that asteroids orbit is close to the Earth's orbit.
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Article exact words : A meteor crashing in Russia's Ural mountains has injured at least 950 people, as the shockwave blew out windows and rocked buildings.

Most of those hurt, in the Chelyabinsk region where meteorites fell, suffered cuts and bruises but at least 46 remain in hospital. A fireball streaked through the clear morning sky, followed by loud bangs.

My words: the large meteorite landed in a lake near Chebarkul but it still injured hundreds. Most of the residents outside said that it looked like a fireball. Many children were at lessons when the meteorite struck. It was a meteorite that hit Russia because it hit the earths crust.

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