Executive Fantasy Hotels

Spicing Up Your Motel Experience

Tired of staying in the same old boring and drab motels on the side of the road? Sure it is nice to have immediate access to a room whenever, and wherever you need it; however, what if you could have immediate access to a reasonably priced and exclusive motel experience where you can be entertained with all of the intimate and luxurious amenities of a special couples resort for a fraction of the price. At Executive Fantasy Hotels you can have the intimate and special experience that you are interested in with the privacy and amenities that you would expect from a high priced resort.

Executive Fantasy Hotels offers clients the privacy of secluded and private parking on site with a one spot garage attached directly to your room. There is no fear of anyone finding out that you and that someone special are spending “alone time” at this one of a kind motel. You have access to private pools, and dancer poles to really impress that someone you are interested in showing off to. There are fantasy showers where very little is left to the imagination, and a love chair that makes staying at this hotel very desirable. You can enjoy movies on the flat panel TV or put on the music of your choice to set the mood with the in room iPod dock and player.

There are a variety of rooms to choose from that offer a unique theme and stay experience per the desires of you and any company you may have on your stay at Executive Fantasy Hotels. At this unique hotel location you can enjoy a heart shaped Jacuzzi, or a champagne shaped whirlpool. Elegance is the name and luxury is the game. The experience that you will have at Executive Fantasy Hotels is one that will be unparalleled for a long time to come, and leave you wanting more.

If you are looking for a hotel stay experience by yourself, or with special company, then you should look in to a stay with Executive Fantasy Hotels. You will enjoy all of the amenities of a high priced luxury couples resort for a fraction of the price at no loss of the exclusive feel and availability of the amenities. To reconnect with someone or open up new doors, the experience you will have at Executive Fantasy Hotels will leave you in the mood to visit again soon.