Well Fed Owl Cooking Basics Part I

Baking with Whole Grains and Natural Sweeteners

Fill your family's tummies with your own home baked healthy goodies!

Hands on instruction for

  • Baking whole grain breads
  • Soaking grains, how and why
  • The gluten question
  • Yummy, healthified treats
  • Natural sweeteners: what they are and how to use them
  • Healthy fats and oils: why and how to use them

Sampling: whole wheat bread, spelt bread, gourmet spelt pizza,

whole grain fruit muffins, breakfast cookies, Valentine treats,

gluten-free coconut treats, and gluten-free protein bars.


Thursday, January 31st 6:30 PM


325 North Farm Drive,

Lititz, PA 17543

A few items we will featuring and preparing:

Well Fed Owl

Our mission is to provide you with an affordable and simple path toward a healthier and more fulfilling way of life. Well Fed Owl is a way for us to share all we've learned through our own health journey to help you bridge this transition. We are also excited to help you connect with the rich variety of local resources, farmers, markets, events, and businesses available through the process.