Aurora Hayre

Career orientation

Brain hemisphere

I am a right brain. I use my emotions to help me make decision. I am very creative and free flowing. I get the big picture but not the details. Jumps from one task to another. I use me intuition instead of logically figuring it out.

Decision making

Style: I have conceptual style of thinking.

Personality: I am very enthusiastic, social orientated, shows concern for others, seeks new ideas, and i enjoy achieving personal goals.

How others perceive my style: People think the conceptual thinking is indecisive, difficult to control, and too idealistic

Personality (Blue)

I have the "blue" personality type. That means i'm more in-tuned my emotions like my feelings and other peoples feelings. When i communicate with others i watch their body language and i am cautious with my words. It aggravates me when others are too direct, interrupt others, and is just plain rude. I am a very hard working person who tries to get everyone to get a long.

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