Working bee

Green Bay School Fundraising Team

WORKING BEE 12 April 9am to 11am

We need help!!  This Saturday 12th of April 9.00am to 11.00am we will be having a small working bee.  This will involve clearing old branches that have been left under trees and weeding the gardens around the school.  We also have hired a mulcher!  If you are able to lend a hand please come along with your gardening gloves and drink bottle.  We would love to see you rain or shine.  The more helpers the faster we will get it finished.

Where are we up to??

What great progress in the pool area! Thanks Murray for cutting down the tree that was dropping leaves into the pool.  The new pool cover is a treat too.  The pool is cleaner, and warmer.  Also it has stopped the ducks having their afternoon swim.  What a bonus!  The next stage involves leveling the lawn and sowing new grass seed.  Then we will be building spectator seating and planting some pool friendly plants.  Some students will be involved with creating some artwork to go around the pool, something we are all excited about!

Green Bay School Fundraising Team - Next stage

We need a builder / handyman to help build the spectator seating in the pool area.  If you are able to lend your skills please email Sarah at