Celebrity Marriage Counseling

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There's no need to lose hope with Celeb Counseling 911. We are certified in couples therapy in order to provide you and your loved one the help you need for a successful and long lasting marriage.

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Couple Counseling 911

Our counselors specialize in couples therapy with a Ph.D in Psychology and are capable of doing whatever it takes in order for you to have a successful and happy marriage. Our services include one on one therapy with you and your spouse and individual counseling to improve upon what to work on individually. Our goal is to provide you with the best session we can so as you and your loved one can work out your issues. We have been a running business for the last 15 years and have helped many celebrity couples work out their differences for a lasting marriage. Call to make an appointment today!

Why we started

In the Hollywood industry, couples have a hard time adjusting to love in the spotlight. It can be a difficult process to be with the one you love. Either you're feeling judged, or the right amount of time isn't being put into the relationship. Whatever the reason may be, Couple Counseling 911 is here to help. Confidentiality is our key. Call to make an appointment and let the healing begin.