Our ePal buddies

Who is your buddy?

Emily Girl-AVA, crafts, inventions, swim and dive team

Desmond Boy-PARRY, nature, trivia, plays drums, school

Chayse Boy-ALLEN, inventions, blogging, crafts,

Tia Girl-GRACE, swimming, shopping, artistic,

Nazaryth Boy-MARIO, baseball, reading, summer

Brenna Girl-NATALIE, snowboarding, inventions, shopping, pets

Toby Boy-SAM, baseball, riding bicycle, school

Chayse Boy-JARED, video games, karate, writing stories

Desmond Boy-LUCAS, video games, nature, writing stories

Corban Boy-NICK, baseball, hunting, outdoor stuff

Brooke Girl-BRUNA, gymnastics, drawing, reading- from Brazil

Fazil Boy-CARVER, lacrosse, soccer, hunting

Ariana Girl-KENDALL, running, swimming, dance

Katherine Girl-CLAIRE, fishing, drawing, swimming

Katie Girl-KAYLEE R. cheerleading, dance, soccer

Courtney Girl-MADELINE, archery, outdoor woods, explorer

Brenna Girl-KEIRA, babysitting, gymnastics/dance, singing

Angel Girl-PAYTAN, softball, camping, swimming

Enoka Boy-DAVID, video games, comic strips , lacrosse

Zaeleh Girl-Charlie, softball, fashion, zumba dance

Rhiannon Girl-Lizzie, ballet, traveling, outdoors

Arzoo Girl-ANALISA, world traveler, reading, outdoors

Usman Boy-GAVIN, collecting coins, travel, video games

Savannah Boy-Jack, soccer, basketball, baseball

Latrell Boy-JARED , football, lacrosse, video games

Sam Boy-RYAN , karate, dirtbikes, traveling

Getting to our Individual Blogs

Here is the link to Mrs Dibattistas individual blogs

Here is the link to Team 12's class blog where you can get to our individual blogs