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Hope you are all enjoying that last fleeting rays of summer and gearing up for the fall. We had some technical difficulties with our last issue, but those kinks have been sorted out. For those of you that didn't receive the previous issue you may notice a change in design or layout we are using a new platform called Smore, while it is still in the beta stage and very basic right now, it should get more complex and customizable in the future. Please enjoy the below articles!
How to Generate Good Ideas
How are good ideas generated? They aren’t simply lying around like seashells on a beach waiting for us to pick them up nor are they so random. Good ideas are the result of the focused action that takes place in our brains. With a bit of stretching the laws of physics and a lot of imagination, we set out to craft a story about how all those bits and pieces that pass through our brains can become good ideas. Created by our friends at Column Five Media.

Visual Resources

CIO Barometer 2012

CSC's CIO Barometer 2012 report, based on a survey of more than 330 IT directors and managers in North America and Europe, reveals the challenges and opportunities of a changing IT landscape.

Mobile Devices Running Wild

Check out this infographic by Zeprise that explains the need to fence mobile devices so that they can be utilized securely.

The Internet in 2015

The Internet in 5 years will see the dawn of the Zettabyte Era and an overtaking of Web traffic with video consumption at the helm.

Informational Articles

2012 Social Network Analysis Report

Need to know what countries are top on Twitter? Got it! Quora? Got it! LinkedIn? Done!

Big Data's Human Component

While software tools and hardware make our lives easier, functionality for machines to create information has not been created. In this article, Jim Stikeleather explores the human side of big data.

App Downloads Exploding Among Smartphone Users

"Nearly half of the U.S. online population is already using apps." Focusing on data released by the Application Developers Alliance, this article discusses mobile apps and the role they will play in the near future.

3 B2B Social Media Lessons from Apple's iPhone5 Launch

Much can be learned from a product that is responsible for nearly two-thirds of Apple's profits. With the latest generation of the iPhone come a few lessons in social media B2B.

9 Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement

In this article posted on the SocialMedia Examiner, Andrea Vahl gives some great tips and examples on how to better engage the Facebook audience.

Twitter's Profile Changes Were a Surprise to Brands, Too

Twitter's lack of informing their advertisers of their new profile page setup is causing problems for some of the top brands on the site. (The new changes does not yet appear available to all users.)

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