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February 25, 2022. Connect. Thrive

CES Happenings

Hello Families!

We have an exciting week ahead of us at CES! We are getting closer to our Renovation Project starting and many things around our school have moved. The front door will be in use through the end of the school year. When you enter, the first office to the left will be the nurse and attendance clerk. To find Mrs. Peterson, you will follow the arrows down the hall. Our luxury portable trailer of restrooms will be delivered on March 3 and ready to use by March 7, when the project begins. Another change is that students will be enjoying their meals outside when the weather permits. Be sure to send students with warm clothes on the cooler days. The bus will be loading at approximately 2:35-2:40 PM each day, when the car pick up line diminishes, using the loading zone at the front of the school. Thanks for being patient through the process!

We also have our Read a Thon kicking off this week! A flier will be sent home that provides the URL to sign up. All sign ups are online. Our goal is to get our students excited about reading and also earn some money for our school. Remember that:

--The first 50 students to sign up receive a COOL reading sticker
--There will be a prize for the class that records the most reading minutes!

--There will be a prize for the class that earns the most money!

--There will be individual prizes for the most reading minutes and most money earned!

Let's get reading CES!!

--Mrs. Fischer and Ms. Crowther

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First place CES Teams!

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Upcoming Dates

3/1-3/11 CES Read a Thon!

3/18-School in Session (since we used a Snow Day on 12/14/21)

5/27-School in Session (since we used a Snow Day on 12/15/21)

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Terri Davis has been an "official" member of the CES team for six years, but has been a Volcano in spirit for much longer. Having worked as a volunteer in her daughter's classroom and then as a substitute, Terri has been a familiar face around campus for over a decade.

Terri loves working with the children at CES! She loves watching them go through the lunch line, growing every year and seeing how they mature and change. Terri has loved mentoring students that have helped in the kitchen; she enjoys sharing skills and techniques used in food service and watching the kids handle those responsibilities. She loves the manners of the CES kids as well as how they pull together during tough times to support each other.

Outside of school, Terri enjoys being with her friends, watching Netflix, visiting family, and most importantly, spending time with her daughter. Her favorite children's book is The Monster at the End of this Book and her favorite color is purple. Terri loves pasta and bread and anything BBQed! Terri dreams of travel to Paris, Scotland, and Australia to take in their beauty.

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Appendix B Changes-January 2022

Based on the latest guidance documents from the CDPH, and in consultation with Plumas County Public Health, we have updated Appendix B in regards to our COVID protocols. We have followed the convention of strikethrough for deleted content, and Red lettering to denote newly added content.

The most significant changes involve quarantine and isolation periods under various conditions, and can be found in Sections 7.2, 7.7a, 7.7b, and 7.9. These sections can be used when determining isolation (positive test) and quarantine (close contact) periods.

Antigen testing plays a large role in shortening both isolation and quarantine under this new guidance.

The source documents include the updated 1-12-22 CDPH Guidance for K-12 schools, the CDPH Guidance on Isolation and Quarantine for the general public, which is adopted by reference under some circumstances in the K-12 guidance document, and the Group Tracing Approach to Students Exposed to COVID-19 in a K-12 Setting document, which describes in-school quarantine under certain conditions.

It is the hope that the implementation of these new strategies will reduce the number of students excluded.

Volunteers on Campus

Volunteers on campus

CES values our volunteers who help us so much. This year, in addition to the paperwork that volunteers complete we will be requiring

  • proof of vaccination

  • Or a weekly Covid test

  • and be fingerprinted (this can be done at the District Office in Quincy)

You are considered a volunteer if you come in consistently to assist at school in your child’s class. Field Trip drivers or parents that help for one event are not considered volunteers in this circumstance.

Testing will occur on campus once a week starting in early October but one can get a test result from anywhere convenient. The “quick test” AKA antigen will be the test provided at the school. At this time, over the counter tests will not be accepted.

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