Mexico migrants.

How they live.

Push pull factors.

Makes them want to leave- bad housing, to hot, bad work places, bad schooling, not enough food.

Makes them want to come- better housing,different weather, better work places, better schooling/more schooling,more food. More work places more money.

Ravenstein's laws of migration.

Which laws did this group fall under- long distance, counter flow, most are adults (20-34) most are young males, migrates traveling long distance settle in cities.

Which laws did this group not fall under- most migration is rual, most migration occurs in steps.

Where do these people live in Minnesota.

ST.Paul was the home to the largest Mexican population. South Minneapolis along lake and Nicollet avenue or California or Texas.

What challenges do these people face in Minnesota.

Adapting to the different things. Hard time finding health care, finding money right away, finding a house right away.