Vietnamese Immigration to Mn

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What brings Vietnamese to Mn

Many Vietnamese move to Mn because they have been going through a civil war in there country for about 50 years now.

They are attracted to Mn because there is lots of diversity so they know they will be excepted, and they know it will be easier to find a steady job

Raveneine's laws.

Most people who move from Vietnam from Mn are middle aged and do not move with family. But not as many people move to Vietnam as people that leave.

Vietnamese in Mn

This showed a little bit of how they live

Facts To Know

The greatest Mn population of Vietnamese is in the twin cities.

They normally find low paying jobs and fit in wherever they can.

Types of challenges for them are that they aren't as educated as most Americans so they can't work high paying jobs.

They also do not believe in health care but you have to have health care in Mn