Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

May 10, 2013

This is the second to last newsletter of this school year.

It's true. Next Friday will be our last newsletter of the year. Classrooms are currently working on end-of-year assessments so even though it seems like the focus has shifted to "fun time," there is a lot of work to be done as well.

Our primary concert is over and done but we still have our band concert next Tuesday at 6pm. Other end of year activities will include the talent show, lynx tracks field trips, end of year assembly, and sixth grade graduation, just to name a few. Our last day will be a field day and bbq, then the kids are free until August 20 (August 19th is the open house).

The teachers will have an extra day to finish things up and check out for the summer. Mrs. Mills and I will be in the office the following week getting reports done for this year and preparing for next year.

After I am done with preparing Tustumena for next year, I will be spending some time this summer administering the Soldotna area schools reconfiguration process. Next year I will spend some time supporting this process as well, but my primary focus will still be Tustumena. To help make up for some of the time I will be focused on this district effort, our district has agreed to increase Mrs. Fowler to full time (she currently is a .5 time teacher) next year to support some of the instructional needs I currently fill. It is a good trade because I will still be here and Mrs. Fowler is a better teacher than I am (don't tell her that, we don't want her to get a big head.) Having this reconfiguration go well is very important to us all because all of our kids will be effected in a few years.

There are a few more questions to be answered and a lot of decisions to be made about the reconfiguration. In order for these decisions to be representative of our communities values, our community will be asked to fill out one more survey focusing on the decisions around the appropriate configuration of our grades 7-9. I will send you a link to the survey in the next newsletter. When it is published, please take a few moments to provide your perspective.

This newsletter has been consistently receiving 90-100 hits. This is a number that is approximately equal to the number of families we have in our school. (165 students) I hope you have found it informative and useful. I plan to continue to use this format next year. One of the interesting things I have noticed about the diagnostic report that is generated by this format is that several people forward it to places outside our state. This is great and kind of fun to track. If you wish to forward this link or post it to your Facebook, please go right ahead. Maybe Tustumena will become world famous. With the great staff and great kids we have, it should be already.

Best Wishes,

Doug Hayman

What's coming up?


May 14- Talent Show- 2pm

May 14- Band Concert - 6pm

May 15-17- Lynx Tracks to pool

May 20- Awards Assembly- 1pm

May 20- Sixth Grade Graduation - 2pm

May 21- Sixth Grade egg drop- 9am

May 21- PTO meeting - 4pm

May 22 - Field Day

August 19- Open House- 5:30pm

August 20- First Day of school - 9am