The Daily Leiferman

By:Nicklaus Leiferman


My hobbies are, video games,football,baseball, and running.My favorite hobby is video games,because digital can be fun.I am a gamer too,I mainly play on my Ps3 but I also like to play on the computer.


The sports I like the most are football,baseball, and basketball.My favorite out of all of these are football.Then,baseball and last basketball.

Favorite Foods


My Favorite and Least Favorite Subjects

My most favorite is health then reading.The subject I don't like the most but I am good at is math.The hardest part in math is fractions and decimals.Health is fun because you get to learn about your body and how it works.

My Favorite Special

My favorite special is gym,media,art, and music.Gym is my favorite because, you get to work out be healthy and have fun by games.