Earth's Layers


Earth layers

Did you know that the earth has layers? Without the layers the earth would not function


The Earth Layers

The crust is the outer layer of the earth and is a solid rock. The mantle is a thick layer, the mantle combines with the crust to form the lithosphere. The outer core is the earths only liquid layer and is mostly made of molten medal. The inner core pressure keeps the super hot metallic region in a solid state.

inner and outer core

The core pushes out heat to the mantle were the mantle tries to push out the heat through the crust but the crust does not let the heat get through and then the heat is trapped until the crust finely gives up and lets the heat go through. The outer core is the earth's only liquid layer
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The crust is thin and its mostly all solid rock. The crust mostly does not let anything through it. Nobody is able to dig through the crust to the mantle.

Mantle and Lithosphere

The mantle is between the crust and the outer core. The mantle is a thick solid layer. The mantle combines with the crust to make the lithosphere. The lithosphere outermost shell of a rocky planet. There is two types of lithosphere for the earth and there names are oceanic and continental. The lithosphere is broken up into tectonic plates.
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