Charlotte's Web

By: Hillaree Ingram

Chapter 1-3

In the beginning of chapter one a litter of pigs one out of all the pigs was a little runt that morning a little girl named Fern found out that the litter of pigs were born and her pa was going to kill the runt!!! She ran out to the pig pin to stop her pa. She fought her father so he couldn't kill the runt. She was so determined that her father wasn't going to kill the runt. She asked her father could she have the runt, he said sure but you couldn't handle and by the end of the day you would want to give it back. Chapter 2: That morning at school she desided to name the pig Wilber . She treated him like a baby she would hate to lose him. Chapter 3: Wilber got big and was ready to be sold. Ferns uncle Homer and aunt live down the street and when he herd that she was saleing Wilber for 6 $ he bout him. One day on the farm Wilber ESCAPED it was crazy ,but they were able to lower him back in with some food.
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Chapter 4-6

Wilber got lonely and he would cry all day because Fern didn't come see him. Wilber didn't have any friends to play with he wish Fern would come and see him more but,she was always at school learning new thing while Wilber weep around the barn.Chapter 5: Wilber ways going to sleep when a solf voice appeared ill play with you just wait till morning and Wilber. Chapter