Immigrants are not aliens!

Join to help

We help you, You help us.

Join the march "We are not aliens" to demonstrate that we are all in this together. Legalize undocumented people to improve the United States of America as one. We are people just like you with same heart desires. We are one world, let's stand together for the future.

We have made America the way it is now

Ever wonder who made those most beautiful buildings? Well happens to be mostly Undocumented, Hard working men and women working for a living and better stability for their family. As known many undocumented families or individuals come to the "Land of Opportunities" looking for a better living. We all have one goal in life... To prosper.

About our march

We are a big group of undocumented people living in the USA and citizens working together to make a change and for us to move the United States of America up and making it a better and safer country with unity.

All Equal

Most strongly believe that undocumented people traffic drugs to the U.S. But not all people are the same, in reality there is always good and bad people everywhere. Some people come due to poor life in their country seeking a better life.