An Interview With Mrs. Webb

Counselors Are The Best

Years of Hard Work

Laurie Webb is a student councilor at Elgin High school but before she got to where she is at now she had to go through obstacles. After she graduated Elgin high school, she attended TCU and Lamar University, where she recieved her Bachelor degress.

After college, she became a teacher, which she taught 13 years at a regular public school and 6 years outside of a regular public school. The classes that she taught were, 5th grade self contained, 6th grade self contained, 6th grade english and social studies, and 8th grade social studies.

Present to the Future

Being a counselor can be very stressful sometimes, because of all the paper work they have to take care of. Mrs. Webb works 40+ hours a week doing what she is good at. She keeps her office well organized and neat, and is welcoming to whoever may come and visit her.

Mrs. Webb biggest challenge she faces on a daily basis, is paper work, lots and lots of paper work and she needs a big amount of self motivation to do so. Also she have to keep up with over a hundred students, since she is the counselor for students A-G. But her reward over powers her challenges. She enjoys building relationships with all the students and wants to see them on the right path.

She plans on staying with this same career until she retires, which is a very long time from now. She has been a counselor for 4 years, her first year was at Phoenix High school part-time and 3 years at Elgin high school full-time.