Nanotechnologies in medicine

Nanotechnologies can help peoples in future in medicine

There are people who consider that it is a bluff

Citation: " I'm a loyal customer and i've been using loads of skin care products, but I think it's all just a bluff. Nanotechnology is just a con to attract and to fool customer into buying overpriced products. I personally cannot understand what nanos can do in a moisture lotion or a hand care cream," says Valery Britton.

But there are people who think skeptically

Another customer Jenny Tannyson sounds rather skeptical too: "Most people are not very well aware of what nanotechnology means, but the word itself sounds impressive. Sales managers can sell more if they convince customers that cutting-edge technologies are applied to produce the product."

Photos show nanotechnologies

Scientists for use of nanotechnologies in medicine

Scientists, however, are much more excited with the potential of applying nanotechnology in medicine which can save lives and significantly improve quality of life for many patients. Like in cosmetics, nanotechnology has been successfully used for delivering drugs. Nanocrystalline drugs and polymeric capsules for drugs delivery have already been clinically tested and are implented in medical practice.


We interrogated our group and here that turned out:

with first question Have you heard about nanotechnology agree 4 of 4.

with second question Can you define waht it means agree 4 of 4

with third question Do you think that nonatechnology can be applied in real life agree 4 of 4

with fourth question what areas can nanotechnology be applied in medicine agree 4 of 4

with fifth question what medical nanodevices will be used in doctors practice in the future nanocapsules delivering drugs to targeted spots agree 4 of 4

with sixth question when do you think people will really start benefiting from nanomedicine in 10 years agree 4 of 4

with seventh question do you think the government should encourage research in nanotechnology and invest more money in it yes, as nanotechnology can ultimately change peoples life in a very positive way agree 4 of 4

Nanotechnology can significantly improve the current health care system and promises to create a much healthier society in the future.