Battle of Iwo Jima

Rollanda Puentes

Important facts

  • date: February 19 - March 26 1945
  • The United States won
  • The United States and Japan where involved in the war.
  • The battle took place in Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands.

significant facts

  • the fiercest and bloodiest war of world war II
  • 11 mi. of underground tunnels
  • U.S. Navy and Marine corps had complete air coverage over Iwo Jima from the start
casualties and losses:
Japan: 22,060 killed 216 taken prisoner
U.S: 6,821 killed
2 captured but recovered
19,217 wounded
Tadamichi Kuribayash
Takeichi Nishi
Holland Smith
Marc Mitscher
Alexander Vandegrift
Graves B. Erskine
Clifton Cates
Keller E. Rockey
Chester W. Nimitz
Raymond A. Spruance