Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder

Famous Author of the Little House on the Prarie books

Her childhood......

....was busy. She was born in Pepin, Wisconsin on February 7, 1867. Starting at age two, her and her pioneer family started traveling. They traveled and settled in Plum Creek, Minnesota, Burr Oak, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Dakota Territory, and Indiana Territory. She became a rural teacher and married Almanzo Wilder at only age fifteen! After that she moved to Missouri Ozarks with Al. In her forties she began journaling "fictionalized tales of her childhood". She published "Little House in the Big Woods" as her first book at age sixty-five. Her next book was "Farmer Boy", then "Little House on the Prairie", "These Happy Golden Years", and "The First Four Years". She also had a daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, who was born in 1886 and died in 1968. Laura's book series was also the base of a television series from 1974 from 1982. Laura was a great writer and I hope people always remember her.

By Cece Sileo

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder