Andy Warhol

By : Decori Woods

Warhol's Life

Birth and death of the artist . Andy Warhol was born in 8/6/28 . He died on 2/22/87.

Where the artist was born ?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What type of art does the artist create ?


What made this artist famous . (opinion)

His drawing of famous celebrities.

Was the artist married, did the artist have kids ?


What events in history was during this artist life and did that influence him ?

When he exhibited paintings of Campbell’s soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and wooden replicas of Brillo soap pad boxes.

Stay two things that occurred during the artist life that you find interesting .

As the 1960s progressed, Warhol devoted more of his energy to filmmaking.

What do you personally think about the artist work

I think he can paint really good .