Do whatever you want when you want to do it

The best place you could ever live

There are amazing things that you can't find anywhere else in the galaxy.

There are gorgeous areas of land that you can make your own with 1/16 of the price that you would pay for it anywhere else.

Every sunrise and sunset you can see from miles away because there is rarely a cloud in the sky. The temperature is perfect everyday with lows in the 60's and never gets above 90 degrees.

Capitalism rules are economy making everybody happy. There are certain regulations that you have to follow or you will face your consequences

Every single day there will be freedom

If you commit a crime the government (me) will decide how bad it is and whether I need to banish you from my topia so you won't be able to destroy the perfectness of my world

There will be minimal punishments if you are not banished like no free refills anywhere for a week up to not having a party for a month.

You are to be yourself at all times because there is no one there that is going to judge you. If you report an act of judgment or discrimination you are to notify me so I can put a punishment on them.

I will allow for anything that I would do. You can build your house however you are to have it and I do not put restrictions on anything (if you are a mass murder someone or are an addict to something, there will be restrictions to what you are allowed to do.)

When you do your dream job you will always do it at your best. I observe you every week and put your paycheck based on the way you act and do your job.

Some of our top attractions

Guaranteed to be the best place ever

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes people wonder if it is as true as we say it is...

I promise you it is! We are an economy based on capitalism and we base everything off of what you desire and or want. We make you happy (and ourselves pretty happy too)

You can be free to do whatever you please to do as long as you don't push it too far. There will always be consequences and you won't ever make that mistake again or you will be banished☺️

This is Freetopia

The best place... EVER!

Once you come you will never want to leave.

There is nothing better than living in an area with the most freedom that you will ever get. This is the best economy to live in and will stay that way because no one loves to government torturing you and making you unhappy to live.


Some things that are bad about being in a market economy is that most people are paid differently and sometimes people think that it's unfair, but you earn how much you work.

If a person worked very hard to be a doctor, and another person didn't work at all to become a janitor, if you got paid equally, that is what would be fair.

Why a market economy is the best

You are paid what you earn by what you do.

You get to have most of everything that you want.

If you work hard for it, you will be satisfied at life be issue you get everything that you hope to get. It is the best because you don't have a government draining all of the money that you have out you

You get what you want when you want it and you don't have to regret anything be issue there is nothing to regret. You are happy and have nothing to be sad about.

This is the best place you will ever be in and you won't regret a single thing in this life because you will have accomplished everything you have always dreamed of.