loyal to the king

by charles

loyal to the king

those savages and patriots started this war we are going to end it. they threw are tea into Boston harbor some of the tea was very expensive like green tea. which made us and the king to punish them with the intolerable acts. we did nothing to them and they throw our tea and break our stuff for no reason. what did we do to them those patriots act like we are the bad guys in the Boston massacre we were surrounded they had rifles and pitchforks.

when every one woke up in Boston there was nothing left of the boats and boxes of tea were floating in the harbor with tea spilling out of them. there were few witnesses but they claim they saw Indians with tomahawks and clubs and patriots throwing boxes of green tea,black tea,. there were row boats that transported them to the ships and back to shore.they used the tomahawks and clubs to break open the boxes. and dumped the boxes of tea overboard none of the people were able to salvage any of the destruction.

the reaction to the Boston tea party lead to the revolutionary war. to punish Boston for the destruction of the east India company property parliament passed a series of laws called intolerable acts. one of the acts called the coercive acts closed the port until the people of Boston payed for the damaged tea. at the same time the Quebec act let parliament take away the land of patriots.

there were no more problem for a while. but the first shots where heard a few days after the incident. which began the revolutionary war. and the British lost at the battle of Yorktown.