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January 2016

Teacher Assistance Program

The Education Foundation of Odessa is excited to announce our new Teacher Assistance Program (T.A.P.)!

T.A.P. is intended to provide time-sensitive assistance to ECISD teachers on a monthly basis for items and/or projects that directly impact student learning. The Education Foundation understands that many teachers are often expected to cover classroom expenses out of their own pocket, and T.A.P. will help to eliminate that burden.

Eligible T.A.P. requests must be at a cost of $250 or less, directly impact student learning, and comply with ECISD policy(s). Requests will be reviewed monthly by the Education Foundation Executive Committee.

ECISD teachers interested in applying may contact the Education Foundation office.

CONGRATULATIONS are already in order for our January 2016 T.A.P. recipients:

  • Kristen Garcia - West Elementary - $171.00
  • Kimberly Lutz - San Jacinto Elementary - $135.66
  • Albamaria Sabuco-Perez - Cameron Elementary - $239.09

Let's Play Chess!

Chess is a method to help all students think strategically, so the Education Foundation is making an investment in 2016 to further support chess in ECISD with an investment of $3,000 for the ECISD Scholars in Progress (SIP) program. This will allow each elementary campus involved to receive funds that may be used to buy replacement chess pieces, new chess boards, timers, or even incentives for students.

With chess, thinking skills are developing rapidly, and chess teaches higher level thinking skills such as the ability to visualize, analyze, and think critically. As children play chess, they begin to see the importance of thinking ahead, trying to figure out what their opponent might do next and what their alternatives are too. This ability to anticipate outcomes can transfer to their reading comprehension. Students can predict outcomes, and realize that characters in their stories are interconnected.

Click here to learn more about the Scholars in Progress (SIP) program in ECISD.

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