Onward to November

Reopening in the yellow zone

Hybrid Instruction resumes Monday November 2nd

We have been watching the percentages in our region and see that the yellow zone designation remains for our area. In order to resume in-person instruction for our hybrid learners’ schools have been reaching out to the families to assure that we can maintain the required testing percentages. We thank our families and staff who have agreed to the requirement.
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How does an area exit the yellow zone?

The State averages the percentage of positive tests and looks to see the number below 1.5% for a “rolling average”. Once this happens, we will be able to suspend the COVID testing requirement while continuing hybrid in-person instruction.
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Where can our staff and children be tested?

The testing center that NYS has worked to set up in conjunction with Nassau County will be at either the Five Towns Community Center or the JCC. The flyer provides you with the phone number 516 390-2888 to call and make an appointment. This testing center using the PCR test for RNA and is considered a reliable test. Your child’s school will ask you to supply the evidence of the test during your designated testing week. Weeks are designated by staff and students last names. We anticipate a three week cycle in order to achieve the 20 % tested requirement, as various factors many impact designated staff and students from testing during their week.
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Safety and Education

The collaboration in our community is appreciated. Please be sure to attend or view one of our upcoming online meetings for parent tech tips. The recording can be found at Lawrence.org
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Handling Pandemic Fatigue

Please see the link to additional resources from Lawrence’s wellness team.


Stay strong and stay connected.