The Long Tunnel

Sapir Hallel

The story

Paul Sheila and Charles are friends.

They wanted to meet in the summer holiday in Paul's uncle (דוד) cottage.

When they came to the cottage they didn't find Paul and a strange man said he doesen't know Paul.

That was strange.

They saw a lorry (משאית) with bags of money and started looking for Paul and when they found him he told them the strange man is going to rob (לשדוד) the train in a tunnel.

They called the police and they can begin the holiday.

The characters

Paul - invites (מזמין) his friends to the cottage.

Sheila and Charles - are Paul's friends.

Frank - the robber.

A letter for Sheila.

Hello Sheila I read the book. And you were very brave (אמיצה).

You helped Paul untied (להשתחרר) the ropes (חבלים) and stop the robbery.

I would be very happy to meet you to hear the story from you.

I wish you a nice holiday.


The book is interesting and exciting.

I enjoyed reading it.

It was exciting to read how friends saved Paul.